Wednesday, 17 April 2013

'My Life, My Rules' Author to visit Chandigarh on 26th April

On Friday, 26th April 2013, Chandigarh Literary Society has invited Sonia Golani,  a management professional from Mumbai and author of her second best-seller 'My Life, My Rule' published by Westland.

Keep your date free for interacting with this young professional who is passionate about life and its fascinating nuances. In this book, she has recorded stories of 18 successful entrepreneurs, who changed their life's rules, followed their dreams, and made a success of their lives.

It is interesting to read about Rahul Akerkar, a Masters in Biochemical Engineering from US who is today known as celebrity chef and owner of Mumbai's fine-dining restaurant, Indigo.  Or there is actor R.Madhavan, who moved from teaching to the fashion world and then to Bollywood.

And there is Rashmi Uday Singh, once a Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax who is today widely known as India's most-sought-after food critic.

Who has not seen the guitarist with his colorful headgear in the band Indian Ocean, Rahul Ram.  He is Doctorate in Environmental Toxicology but chose to make a career as a musician.

These 18 gripping stories are glittering examples that changing course in mid-stream may not be a bad idea.

Thanks to the publishers, Westland Ltd, and the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry that Sonia Golani would be here to share her insight to inspire the 'round pegs' to get out of 'square holes' by just following your passion.

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