Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Best Thing About You is...You

Those of us who missed the opportunity to attend CLS's Meet the Author programme with the best selling bollywood actor Anupam Kher.  Here is the video.

(In case you are unable to watch the video click this link)

Empty Bench

A budding poet of our city, Kiran Kauchhur, who is a lawyer, and loves to write poetry has sent us a poem which we reproduce here.  There is a beautiful photograph that has been clicked by her brother, which Kiran says, helps her get inspiration.  Our best wishes to her.

From the window everyday
I saw the empty bench
It sat there day and night
Facing the scorching sun
Resisting the harsh blowing wind
Winters couldn’t make it numb
Nor  the rain dampen its spirits
It waited there for some company
but none would stop to rest in its arms
I had no desire to fulfill its wish
for it was meant only for that soul 
who be tired and could walk no more.

Welcome to CLS

Chandigarh Literary Society (CLS) welcomes you. 
CLS invites creative minds to be a part of this network which will encourage literary and creative writing in this region.  It shall also serve as a forum to bring together writers, publishers, academia, intellectuals, scholars and students on one single platform.  
There would also be many opportunities to get inspired from some of the legendary writers and best selling authors through our 'Meet the Author' programme. We had a great beginning on 15th March when noted bollywood actor and best selling author Anupam Kher, shared an insight into his book "The Best Thing About You is...You" at UT Guest House. It was a full house. And all those who were able to make it to the event would remember it for time to come. 
We have received tremendous response from the people of this tricity area who have enrolled themselves as members of CLS.  We shall very soon be having a get-together as we get ready to plan for our next event.  This blog would serve as a source of regular information to you all. 
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