Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Discussing the next CLS competition I requested an author friend, "why don't you enter a humorous short story for this competition?"
He threw a nasty glance at me and spat, "I'm a writer. I don't tell jokes."
Writing humour perhaps does not come easy. Probably, it is no longer common or comes naturally, to most of us.  We can get angry at anything...or nothing at times.  We can throw tantrums. Or may get romantic.  But laughing? We take life so seriously that humour looks uncouth, unsophisticated, not-my-style kind....
To further convince my  author friend who lost his hair at an early age, that humour could cure his baldness. That is what I had read somewhere, I told him to calm him down.
I was sure that this bulging hulk of six feet would now throw me out of his home after this literal nail on his glistening head, but he got up and had a hearty laugh.

What are you waiting for?
Get down to work and get happy...that's one mood that you need to get into to write a funny piece in just 1500 words that can have instantaneous health benefits including lowering of blood pressure, and improving someone's immune system least yours for sure.  And there're prizes to be won at a public function.

Who can participate?
All those who can laugh at themselves.
Or have an uncanny eye to see the unseen...and can find humour in everyday jsituation.
No age Bar.
And of course, we take it for granted that you can write in English, Hindi or Panjabi.

30th June Midnight
We know that despite our telling you to submit your story in time online, you would do so only at 11:55pm on 30th June.

Secret Tips
Get cracking now. The forecast is that the electricity department would be celebrating Earth Hour on 30th night. The broadband would be playing truant with the band-width.  And your laptop may just decide to die in your lap with a corrupt disk or ram going mad.

( the meanwhile, our many friends are vying to be on the panel of jury to be the first to enjoy the concoctions that you would be sending...)

Happy Writing!!

Submit online on

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

CLS interview of Sonia Golani

Chandigarh Literary Society (CLS) invited Sonia Golani last month to share her insights on her second book "My Life, My Rules". Day and Night News interviewed her at the PHD House just before the meeting. CLS presents here the video for your watching pleasure.