Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The secret of writing a short story.

"Can I also write a short story?"
My octogenarian uncle who loves reading all types of books, called up in the morning having received the facebook alert about CLS competition for short story writing.
"Yes, of course, you can." I responded enthusiastically to encourage him.
"Well, but how do I begin?"
"We have already got an interesting lead sentence to begin your story," I reminded him.
"Yes, I know, but how do I begin?"

I remembered the advice of my professor on the first day of my journalism class, "Just write."
This is the most crucial step, and hard too, to begin writing.
He told us the protocol, what he called as the 'secret' of writing.
Get up a little early in the morning. Pick up the note book by your bedside and the pen.  And start writing.
If you want to enjoy the process of writing, just get up, have a bath, sit down on your table/desk, pick up the typewriter and start clicking away whatever comes to your mind.
Forget about mistakes. Don't bother about the vocabulary.  Just put your thoughts first on the paper.

That indeed is the truth.The only way to write is to write.

Look forward to great stories for the CLS Short Story Writing Competition. 

Monday, 18 May 2015

How to participate in CLS Short Story Competition 2015

Rules and Regulations for CLS Competition. 

Though these rules have been put in a pdf format and are available for everyone to see here, we are reproducing the same again for your ready reference.

Rules & Regulations:

1.    All the entries must be in English
2.    Story guidelines: The story submitted for the competition must begin with the opening lines that have been provided. However you may choose any genre and may give any title to your submitted short story. It should be your own original and unaided work. Entries must not have been previously published or self-published, in print or online, or have won a prize in another competition.
3.    Word Limit: Be sure of your word count! Entries exceeding the word limit of 1000 words (counting every single word, including the opening lines but excluding the title) will be disqualified.
4.    Who can apply: Anyone who is a resident of India can submit his or her entry. Age is not a bar to participate in this competition. A maximum of one entry per person will be accepted.
5.    Who cannot apply: Members of the CLS organizing committee would not be considered for this competition.
6.    Fee: There is no fee for entering the contest. The aim of this competition is to encourage writing and develop creative skills.
7.    Submission: Only online entries shall be accepted. Submit your entry in MS word format. Your name and address must not appear on the pieces entered, nor should there be any other identification mark. Personal details (author’s name, address, phone number) and Word Count (mentioned in numbers) should be attached on a separate page. All the entries should be sent to clscompetitions@gmail.com
8.    Last date to submit entries: Only online entries shall be accepted until midnight  (Indian Standard Time) of 15th June, 2015.
9.    Judging:Entries will be judged solely on artistic merit. Decisions of the judges will be final.
10.    Winners and Awards: A short list of ten will be selected, from which a winner and two runners-up will be chosen. The names of these chosen winners will be notified by 1st August on our facebook page.
11.    The copyright of the submitted work would remain with the authors, but CLS would reserve the right to publish the winning entries.
12.    Submitting an entry would automatically mean that you agree to accept these rules in full. In case of any deviation from these, your entry will be disqualified.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Do you know who that girl was in white top and flowing blue skirt?

Just as tantalising is this question, and so would be this short story writing competition of Chandigarh Literary Society (CLS).

We are back with our annual short-story competition and we invite each and everyone, who knows to wield the pen, and all those who wish to try their hand on writing an exciting story. And as always, there is no entry fee.  No age bar.  Simple 1000 words of sheer excitement.  Type it out in English. No more than 1000 words, and mail it to us before midnight of 15th June.

In last competition we had some super contributions from school students too, and we look forward to their participation this time too.

We shall have the entries judged by a jury where after we shall  announce the winners of this contest at a public function of CLS, with lots of prizes.

Here's our Help to You.  The first step of sitting down and writing that first opening sentence is the most difficult part.  We are cutting out that agonising wait by giving you the opening montage of the story written by a celebrated fiction writer.  Incorporate these lines as the opening lines, and complete the story in 1000 words.  Easy! Isn't it?

              "He was sure that it was her...almost!  He walked briskly down the pavement, overtaking several fellow pedestrians.  She wore a white top and a flowing blue skirt. Her hair flew tantalisingly behind her as it used to all those years ago..."

Get cracking.  Last date is 15th June.  

All entries must be emailed before midnight of 15th June, on clscompetitions@gmail.com.

Terms and Conditions can be downloaded here.