Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The secret of writing a short story.

"Can I also write a short story?"
My octogenarian uncle who loves reading all types of books, called up in the morning having received the facebook alert about CLS competition for short story writing.
"Yes, of course, you can." I responded enthusiastically to encourage him.
"Well, but how do I begin?"
"We have already got an interesting lead sentence to begin your story," I reminded him.
"Yes, I know, but how do I begin?"

I remembered the advice of my professor on the first day of my journalism class, "Just write."
This is the most crucial step, and hard too, to begin writing.
He told us the protocol, what he called as the 'secret' of writing.
Get up a little early in the morning. Pick up the note book by your bedside and the pen.  And start writing.
If you want to enjoy the process of writing, just get up, have a bath, sit down on your table/desk, pick up the typewriter and start clicking away whatever comes to your mind.
Forget about mistakes. Don't bother about the vocabulary.  Just put your thoughts first on the paper.

That indeed is the truth.The only way to write is to write.

Look forward to great stories for the CLS Short Story Writing Competition. 

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