Monday, 16 February 2015

It Happens for a Reason

Preeti Shenoy: “The only woman in the best-selling league”
Sumita Misra, chairperson of Chandigarh Literary Society, released “It Happens for a Reason” by India’s best-selling author Preeti Shenoy at the Whistling Duck restaurant here today.

Best known for her romantic novels including ‘Life is What You Make It, ’34 Bubblegums and Candies’, and ‘Tea for Two and a Piece of Cake’ ‘The Secret Wishlist’, Preeti shared her journey as an author from being a blogger to a columnist for various publications. 

Now author of five best-sellers, an artist who love to paint portraits, or indulge in paper quilling, a oet, yoga-buff, ex-basketball player, Nature lover, Ted X speaker is what describes her multifarious and diverse interests including working with under-privileged children.

“It happens for a Reason” is an engaging and enthralling love story which puts the protagonist, who is just 18, single and beautiful into a situation where she gives up her promising career in modeling to have her baby, and how her life takes new turns after sixteen years, Preeti remarked.

Amidst twists and turns of our lives we come across numerous instances when something unexpected happens, and what Preeti philosophically puts it that it happens for a reason.

When asked as to how she manages her time with the family and professional duties and yet get to write so many books, Preeti said that she got herself into the habit of writing daily, come what may; a promise she keeps.

She is known for her descriptive details and keen observation while writing which, Preeti admitted, is result of her extensive research on subjects and situations by personally engaging herself whether it is a mental hospital or life in the street.

The book has been published by Westland, and Ms Sarita had coordinated her visit to the city. Members lapped up her five books from the stall set up by the Bookstore Partner, Capital Book Depot.
And our special thanks to Mr Ambar, the owner of Whistling Duck Kitchen and Restaurant for an excellent and elegant snacks over a warm cup of tea at the end of the session.