Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Bouquets from Authors for Team Literati 2014

Literati 2014 is over, and we are overwhelmed by the response from the people of tricity, the support of our partners, advertisers and sponsors, and of course, our valued authors who left with lots of good wishes to Team Literati.  We reproduce here some of them. 

The photographs of Literati can be viewed on our facebook page. 

Thank you very much..it was a wonderful day ..Shekhar Gupta (attending Day 1)

Thank you for the imaginative memento Literati 2014 presented its participants with. I really liked the elegant plate!Prof. Rukmini Bhaya Nair

It is the best memento I have ever received. What a thoughtful gift! -Susmit Sen

I had a really nice time at Literati 2014. Thanks a lot for your gracious hospitality and for creating a forum where meaningful discussions can take place. Ratika sends her thanks for sending her memento.- Amitabha Bagchi

Thank you all for inviting me. It was wonderful to be in the panel- Shivendra Singh Dungarpur

Thank you for inviting me to be a part of a very elegantly conducted Fest, where the session were all, repeat ALL, meaningful, well attended, and participatory. It is not easy, but you all managed it! Congrats, and hope to be a more involved participant next year... As moderator and with my book on Jagjit Singh-  Sathya Saran

I really wish to thank you and your wonderful team for inviting and hosting me in the most wonderful way for Literati 2014. The Lake Club is indeed the perfect venue for talking books and literature.  I genuinely had a very good time and was fortunate to meet some very interesting fellow authors. I am now a confirmed Literati evangelist and will remain one forever :)- Akshay Manwani

Compliments for the way you organized it all. Quiet efficiency is how I would put it.Indian Express Chandigarh covered my talk well and I am seeing some very good reviews of the fest all over. It was good to be panelist and I would always come back if invited.- Lt. Gen.Syed Ata Hasnain

Thanks for nice session- Prof. Chaman Lal

I had such a good time! I hope I can be there again. What a lovely venue!- Aruni Kashyup

I really enjoyed the sessions-you had organised an interesting and varied range of subjects--and the play Amrita... The logistics were well co-ordinated and I felt very well looked after. Many thanks for having included me.-  Sudha Shah

Thank you for a fantastic Literati 2014. It was great to meet and connect with some wonderful people at the venue. Also, thanks for lovely memento!  Gautam Chinatamani 

Congratulations! On a well organized festival- Atamjit Singh

Thank you for having us and looking after us so well; I really felt very nice being at Literati 2014- Nony Singh

It was lovely to speak at the Festival. Thanks for everything- Benoy K Behl

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