Tuesday, 19 November 2013

LITERATI Scene is hotting up.

The pitch is ready for the first test.
The two-days Chandigarh Lit Fest - LITERATI 2013 - opens on Saturday, the 23rd November 2013.
The teams of CLS members and volunteers are busy giving the final touches to the arrangements.
There are queries from all quarters, authors, sponsors, partners, and of course, the people at large who are waiting for the curtain to rise on LITERATI.
The weather gods augur well for this weekend, as the cool breeze from the Sukhna Lake with the chirping of migratory birds fluttering around, would add to the perfect ambiance of to the literary discussions.

Have you registered yourself?
Please do it on www.chandigarhliterary.com/register.html, and become a part of the most-talked about literary event in this region.
And of course, our facebook is already showing hyper activity, and you can just Like it to become a part of the Literati...literally.

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