Saturday, 9 June 2012

Writing tips from an author

We spoke with Sangeet Sharma, an architect by profession, who has published six books including one of poetry, and is always bubbling with enthusiasm. Every time you meet him you can see that there is something brewing at the back of his mind, and at times creative flashes of his subconscious can be seen in his expressive eyes.
How do you get inspired to write? 
It is the journey of the writing which is so  inspiring. The commitment to the protagonist, the plot the streak of winning,  the unhindered imagination and the will to put on paper; the aspirations are so inspiring.  Moreover, many authors may deny, but all books are autobiographical to some extent. It is this thrill of putting into words the elements of personal experience which inspire you. 
Any specific moment when the streak of inspiration strikes you?
This inspiration can strike anytime. It could be In the middle of the night, at lunch, at work place, on while you are travelling and have time to think.  There is no fixed time and place for writing. The only longer time required on the desk is when I edit.

What is the best pose you strike before writing? 
I go straight on the computer and start writing. 

Well. What's your take on it? And what we are asking you is to write just 1000 words of short story, with clue to the story already there. Just click here for more details. 

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