Sunday, 29 May 2016

Creative Writing Workshop Concludes

Two-days workshop on creative writing concluded here today. 

As the workshop came to a close at about 4:30pm, the enthusiasm, confidence, and energy had doubled in them. Despite being a Sunday, they were enjoying every moment, and there was not an iota of boredom or tiredness.

The day saw children interacting with Suparna -Saraswati Puri on handling language, grammar, and vocabulary, while Chandra Shekhar Varma spent the afternoon interacting with each child in order to develop their story ideas.

"I feel humbled at the brilliant ideas that the children have come up with, and it appears I shall have to go back and relearn the art of story telling," Chandra Shekhar Varma remarked jocularly in his closing remarks.

He commended every participant for their creativity and novel story ideas.

Every participant is required to submit their story now by Monday, 6th of June, till midnight on, for the editors to review it and inclusion in the anthology of stories to be published later.

"Awesome", "Incredible", "Brilliant" were some of the remarks that summed up their experience at the workshop.

Some of the parents who were present at the concluding programme, collectively handed over the memento of appreciation and remembrance to Chandra Shekhar Varma.

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