Sunday, 26 November 2017

"I am changing so I'm beautiful": Columpa Bobb

Preserve the Mother Earth, say Canadian authors.

Chandigarh, November 26: The highlight of last day's discussions was the presence of two authors, activists, poets, playwrights, Lee Maracle and Columpa Bobb, who took the discussions in the session "Roots and Wings" moderated by Canada's Consul General Dr Christopher Gibbins, to an entirely new level with their simplicity, raw humour and stories of original settlers, the Red Indians, now called 'indigenous' people. 
Lee Maracle who is an award winning author and activist for indigenous people in Canada, and Centre for Indigenous Theatre in Canada, emphasised to be in consort with Nature, develop collective wisdom and collaborate to bring about the change in the society.  
In order to preserve Nature and be in harmony with Nature, the younger generation must develop the fine collective wisdom of jelly fish which does not have a single brain cell yet can communicate and collaborate with fellow jelly fish and hunt together, Lee said. 
Columpa Bobb, another award winning acclaimed author of several books including autobiography, poetry, and fiction, beautifully related the story of "I am Changing Me" to accept change as an unchanging constant reality and evolve with change.  
Each childhood story has a lesson to tell, and lifts your spirits and pulls you out of dark situations or saddness, Columpa remarked. 
The entire conversation revolved around the beauty of Nature and respect for mother earth which would continue to punish mankind with hurricanes and storms if we forget about it, said both the authors. 

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