Saturday, 16 May 2015

Do you know who that girl was in white top and flowing blue skirt?

Just as tantalising is this question, and so would be this short story writing competition of Chandigarh Literary Society (CLS).

We are back with our annual short-story competition and we invite each and everyone, who knows to wield the pen, and all those who wish to try their hand on writing an exciting story. And as always, there is no entry fee.  No age bar.  Simple 1000 words of sheer excitement.  Type it out in English. No more than 1000 words, and mail it to us before midnight of 15th June.

In last competition we had some super contributions from school students too, and we look forward to their participation this time too.

We shall have the entries judged by a jury where after we shall  announce the winners of this contest at a public function of CLS, with lots of prizes.

Here's our Help to You.  The first step of sitting down and writing that first opening sentence is the most difficult part.  We are cutting out that agonising wait by giving you the opening montage of the story written by a celebrated fiction writer.  Incorporate these lines as the opening lines, and complete the story in 1000 words.  Easy! Isn't it?

              "He was sure that it was her...almost!  He walked briskly down the pavement, overtaking several fellow pedestrians.  She wore a white top and a flowing blue skirt. Her hair flew tantalisingly behind her as it used to all those years ago..."

Get cracking.  Last date is 15th June.  

All entries must be emailed before midnight of 15th June, on

Terms and Conditions can be downloaded here. 

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