Tuesday, 5 June 2012

It's not a ripple...but an Earthquake!

In an "Introduction to the 1997 Fish Anthology, Dog Days & Other Stories", the author, Joseph O’Connor, has great observation about the art of short story writing. What it can be? May be this would inspire few of the budding writers to try their hands on short story writing and send it across to CLS for the competition.  What O'Connor says is : 
"A short story is a glance at the miraculous. Joyce used a religious word. He called his stories ‘epiphanies’. A good short story is almost always about a moment of profound realization. Or a hint of that. A quiet bomb. There is a record by the American singer Tori Amos called Little Earthquakes. That’s a good metaphor for a short story. Often, a good short story will be a little earthquake."

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