Thursday, 7 June 2012

How did the great authors produce great books?

Different writers get inspired differently.  Here's a melange of tips one can pick up from some of the greatest writers of our times. What suits you?  Or how you get down to the business of writing...share with us. 
"Breakfast at Tiffany's" author Truman Capote would do his first draft in longhand using pencil while lying down on the bed or a couch with cigarette and coffee.  He won't leave his bed even while preparing the final draft balancing his typewriter on his knees. 
Though Ernest Hemingway was  known for his love for Bacchus but would never write while drunk. He was a regular writer and would pen at least 500 words every day. 
However for James Joyce that was not the criteria, who always was proud of and happy if he could write down just a few sentences in a day.  
Another famous American writer Philip Roth would walk half a mile for every page he wrote, and kept a separate studio to focus on his writings. 
Great novels like 'Lolita', 'Pale Fire' came from the pen of Vladimir Nabokov who would write on index cards so that he could arrange them in order to create the right sequence for his novels.  
Today there are numerous videos full of mathematical jugglery on creating a great story, the writing courses, and what not available online...but to my mind, the best way is what suits you the most. 
Most important, however, is to sit down, take a paper and a pen, and start doodling with your idea. And what's more, we have already given you a clue to start with. You have to finish it in another 900 words. Click here.

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